Setting Career Goals

Today on how to set career goals I love this question and I could probably do a series on it but I want to just give a few pointers to get people started because what I found in talking with people is they have they don’t really know where to start so they’re maybe in one position and they’re trying to get to the next one they’re trying to transition careers they’re looking for something new but again not sure where to start so a few pointers on how to get started so first of all it’s important to know currently where you are now so having a good picture of where you are now on your career.¬†Career tips and strategies on¬†Edusson.

And a in a better picture of where you want to go in the future what’s your desired result so if you think about the word career if you go google it it’s an occupation and it’s in an it’s in a specific time period of one’s life and in that career it should bring new possibilities or new opportunities so with that we want to think about what career do you want to be in is it the same career but maybe an advancement is it an advancement of roles or maybe again transitioning so first of all there are three main steps I think to get started is envisioning planning and committing so in envisioning it’s really looking for envisioning yourself in the new role what do you want your new role to be.

For instance if you’re a project manager you may look to expand your to new tech new teams bigger teams maybe a different technology maybe a different industry it could be that maybe if you’re in the technology world you’re been managing technology projects and you want to go to maybe process improvement maybe you want to go more into the leadership role and do with leading people it could be that you’re in project management and maybe you want to become a speaker you want to start speaking on project management maybe you want to write something maybe write white papers or do some research so looking where what do you want this to be and envisioning yourself in that role feeling yourself actually being in that what would it look like what would it feel like where would you be how many people would it be would it be just you and yourself.

If you’re writing what would you write about if you’re speaking what would you speak about so it’s really important to be clear so you can envision where you want to go if you can’t really see it it’s hard to it’s hard to plant do the next steps it’s hard to plan it or even commit to it so the next step is once you envision it have a clear picture of where you want to go you want to begin planning because you want to plan you want to actually make a plan and project managers are good with planning.