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____/25 The reviewer’s opinion is backed by examples, reasonable explanations, and rational analysis, including both

positive and negative features of a product/performance/etc.

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor



____/15 The review points out features that give the product value, e.g. a movie with high-profile celebrities; a

television program with high production value; bonus tracks on a CD; a product with a money-back guarantee; a

restaurant with large portions, etc.

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor



____/15 The review provides context with comparison/contrast examples, e.g. compares it to features on a

competitor’s similar product; compares the performance to an artist’s previous work; explains features that set

a restaurant apart from a competitor, e.g. King’s and Eat-n-Park are both mid-priced family restaurants but Eat-n-

Park has an all-you-can-eat salad bar and free kids meals.

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor




____/15 The review provides specific and useful consumer information, such as runtime of a movie, operating hours of

a business, price range at a restaurant, features on a camera, etc.

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor



____/10 The review avoid tangents, rambling, irrelevant personal anecdotes, and other unnecessary commentary that

suggests this is a personal attack rather than a consumer guide.

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor



____/10 Does the review contain a “spoiler,” and if so, does it include a “spoiler alert” so readers have the option to

avoid it?

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor



____/10 Does the review include a clear rating system so readers will be able to gauge, at a glance, the reviewer’s

overall impression of the product?    

            — excellent  —good         — fair                        –poor