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Prompt: It is important for kids to eat

vegetables. Explain to the reader why it is

important for kids to eat vegetables.

•Use this expository essay example to

give your students writing ideas.

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•use good words, adjective, transition

words, and figurative language.

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anything to write.’

Grades 3-5

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Eat your veggies! It is extremely important for kids to eat healthy food. To

begin with, chomping on delicious vegetables will give you an abundance of energy.

Also, if you constantly devour vegetables, you will not get sick. Finally, the most

significant justification for why you should gobble tons of veggies is because it will

make you very intelligent. You’re off your rocker if you don’t love nutritious


The first rationale for why it is crucial to consume vegetables is because

they will give you loads of energy. Vegetables such as peas, carrots, and spinach will

help you get through a long day of spelling tests, math word problems, and fluency

tests. Vegetables have ingredients that fill you up like gasoline fuels a car and keeps it

running. One time I was sleepy at lunch and after chomping on a serving of leafy green

brussel sprouts I felt like running a marathon. Vegetables assist you when completing

activities that require a lot of endurance like cross country, soccer, and football. It’s

important to have a lot of energy because a kid needs to be active instead of a couch

potato that doesn’t get any exercise. I’m tickled pink when my mom serves me

vegetables for dinner, lunch, and even breakfast!

Furthermore, colorful vegetables will provide you with key nutrients that

will prevent you from becoming ill. My friend Jack used to only eat chocolaty M&Ms

and he would constantly get illnesses such as the flu, headaches, and insomnia. It’s

important for kids to be healthy because we need to be present in school without

missing days for unexplained sickness related to not eating healthy. Orange vegetables

such as carrots, pumpkin, and squash provide us with carotene that keeps our vision

clear and our skin glowing. This is significant because you need to be able to read the

white board in language class if you want to view an excellent example of an

expository essay. No one wants to be under the weather so go find some nutritious


Finally, if you want to be a smarty pants you need to consume these

important vegetables. Once my mom started making me chew on spinach, beans, and

zucchini for dinner, I started earning A Honor Roll every 9 weeks. My brain soaked up

the important ingredients and it started working overtime to earn me 100s on all of my

spelling test, essays, and social studies quizzes. This shows that kids need to have

vegetables available to help their brain learn new facts and pieces of knowledge at

school. The school could even provide vegetables before the FCAT so that every

student would score a 5 on their math and reading assessment. Studies show that

students who devour healthy salads for lunch every day before a major test perform

10 times better than students who chew on sugary junk food. Let’s gobble down a

serving of veggies before every major test.

In conclusion, it is extremely significant for elementary age kids to consume

vegetables. First of all, they need these important vegetables to have enough energy

to get them through a long day of school and play. Also, vegetables prevent us from

catching every illness that is at our school. Finally, vegetables cause us to be intelligent

and on top of things in the classroom. So jump on board the veggie train!

Expository Essay Example-Important To Eat Vegetables Copyright © Ms To-Do List, 2013