Between Introduction And Conclusion

The introduction sometimes it’s a couple of paragraphs most of the time it’s only the first paragraph but this one is more informative it kind of tells us like what the situation is it is a little bit attention-grabbing saying like most people think I’ve read past there and saying that he owes his knowledge to prison which is surprising but it’s more informative the other one kind of had a light-hearted tone to it this one is a little more serious I feel like so then we go to body in the body paragraphs this is between the introduction in the canoe it’s pretty much the meat of the sandwich over to think of the essay like a sandwich but it has all your supporting ideas and it has the evidence so the quotations the paraphrase is the summaries which we’ll go over later on in class but it brings in all those things the plot so thinking specifically about your literacy narrative it has the plot in it so what happens in the story we’re gonna we’re gonna hear about it in the body paragraph you know piece by piece the dialogue the different things that happen in the story.

It advances and complicates the thesis this kind of applies to the later essays that we you know will be writing because I don’t really feel like your literacy narrative will have a thesis per se but it but it just moves the essay forward this Bott the body pair body paragraphs are the meat of the essay and kind of just have all your main ideas in it the supporting evidence that you find for it all the different things that happen in your essay kind of go through the body paragraph and you’re discussing everything in it so in terms of your literacy narrative this is where you’re going to have your dialogue what happens in this story the different parts of the plot and it’s going to have your your kind of your transformation through this through this essay is going to happen in your body paragraph so if you want to talk about how you went from hating writing or to kind of finding some appreciation for it you know this is just an example it’s going to you’re gonna see that in the body paragraphs okay.

A conclusion is at the end as the name implies it concludes your essay it reviews so the conclusion can do many different things it can review the major ideas and it most likely will review the major ideas it summarizes what people just read it can have a look ahead so okay now that you have read you know what I have said in this essay here’s what I want you to walk away with here’s what I want you to do going forward it’s a call it can sometimes be a call to action so like okay especially if you’re writing an argumentative essay you know sometimes maybe about environmental issues or something that you social issue that you want to see changed like okay now go recycle or something right so your your conclusion will will kind of put people into motion and the main thing that it does especially in the other essays that we be writing is it reinforces your thesis.